Stetson has been providing district support services to our water and wastewater clients since our inception in 1957. Our services include a wide range of management, administrative, technical, and operations activities to best suit our clients’ needs. Our water and wastewater planning services specialize in the preparation of Urban Water Management Plans, Salt Nutrient Management Plans, Master Plans, Conservation Plans, Capital Improvement Plans, and other documents to support all aspects of district management. Stetson also specializes in performing technical evaluations, developing and implementing district programs, and designing and conducting monitoring programs. Our staff remains current and up to date on regulations, regional programs, judicial decisions, and environmental issues that affect facilities planning and design. We typically assist our clients in managing projects, participating in public hearings, support at board and committee meetings, and providing representation at project and interagency meetings.

These services can be provided as limited, specific assignments on an on-call, as-needed basis and as on-going regularly scheduled tasks. Support typically requires working closely with district management and staff and often results in acting essentially as an extension of district staff. Stetson’s entire staff supports water and wastewater district services to meet our clients’ needs, regardless of whether they are purveyors in agricultural or urban areas.

Typical Services

  • Preparation of Capital Improvement Plans
  • Water and Production, Treatment, Storage, and Conveyance Facility Planning and Design
  • Recycled Water Facility Planning and Design
  • Bidding Support
  • Construction Management
  • Water Resource Evaluations
  • Water Rights
  • Preparation of Rate and Revenue Studies
  • Economic Analyses
  • Funding Plans
  • Preparation of Grant Applications
  • Preparation of Water and Wastewater Master Plans
  • Preparation of Urban Water Management Plans
  • Support of Integrated Regional Water Management Planning
  • Preparation of Consumer Confidence Reports, Source Water Assessments, and other California Department of Public Health
  • Reports
  • Water Quality Sampling
  • Emergency Planning
  • Permitting
  • Regulatory Compliance Monitoring and Reporting
  • Geographic Information System Services
  • Data Management
  • Service as Interim General Manager
  • Service as District Engineer

Since 1957, Stetson has provided innovative solutions to water resource issues.
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