The town of Wadsworth is located on the Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation, in Washoe County, Nevada. Wadsworth had numerous independent water systems and individual domestic wells that needed to be consolidated and managed as one system to provide sufficient resources. To do so, Stetson developed a Water System Master Plan including:

Tasks completed for this project include:

  • A hydraulic model of the existing and proposed water distribution system
  • Projection of future water demand and source of supply.
  • Determination of additional storage requirements.
  • Estimation of transmission main diameters necessary to carry fire flow and maximum hour demand.
  • Determination of additional well capacity and locations.
  • Cost estimates for water system improvements including storage tanks, new wells with pumps, pipelines, water meters, electrical systems and controls, booster pump, emergency generators and water treatment equipment.

After completing the Water System Master Plan, which identified capital improvement priorities, Stetson then provided professional engineering and construction services to implement the Plan. Three projects were designed and constructed:

  • Wadsworth Water System, Municipal Well #4
  • Wadsworth Water System, Water Main Extension
  • Nevada Skies Water Main Extension

These projects more than quadrupled the Wadsworth water supply and created a pipeline backbone able to support the community and expected expansion.