Providing creative solutions to water resource issues for over five decades. This history of innovative thinking led to Stetson's pivotal role in the making and interpretation of western water law.

Much of Stetson’s work involves water resources engineering in the context of balancing environmental protection and enhancement efforts with development demand. In addition to our contracts with private entities and local flood control, water conservation, and water agencies, Stetson serves as prime contractor or subcontractor under multi-year contracts with federal agencies, including the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Reclamation, Bureau of Indian Affairs, and Department of Justice.

civil-engineering construction management service

Civil Engineering Design and Construction Management

Stetson’s civil engineering design and construction services provide project life cycle support for all size projects. Stetson’s experienced staff has guided our clients from initial concept through preliminary design, alternative evaluation, public outreach/coordination, alternative selection, topographic land surveying, permitting and final design, and construction document preparation. Learn More

Napa flood

Flood and Stormwater Management

Stetson performs hydraulic and civil engineering analysis to meet the flood and stormwater management needs of our clients. Whether on a watershed wide or small residential development scale, Stetson applies our experience in hydrology and civil engineering to develop unique solutions that solves specific applications and requirements. Learn More

Indian country

Indian Country

Stetson assists tribes with water resources planning, quantification, and development services to support all aspects of water supply and water rights projects. We have been involved in some of the most high profile and successful water quantification efforts in this century, including successful litigation of the Big Horn River Adjudication and the successfully negotiated Pyramid Lake water settlement. Learn More

reservoir, river operations

Reservoir, Diversion and River System Operations

Stetson Engineers provides innovative and effective solutions to the challenges of reservoir, diversion and river operations. Historically, reservoirs and diversions were built for single or multiple purposes which typically included water supply, flood control, and/or hydropower generation. Today, these same facilities must also be operated for fish, wildlife, and recreation or to manage water quality [...] Learn More

water recycled engineering

Water and Recycled Water Engineering

Stetson has a long and successful history of providing water and recycled water services to our clients based on our strength in civil engineering that includes all disciplines from permitting to economic analysis. The hallmark of our success is based on developing innovative solutions that result in cost effective projects that meet regulatory requirements; whether they are potable, recycled, or Indirect Potable Reuse (IPR) projects. Learn More


Water Quality

Stetson develops and implements water quality programs to meet the unique requirements of each client, whether it is routine monitoring at superfund sites or collecting data to support the development of Salt Nutrient Management Plans. Our background in developing successful programs is based on our work in water rights, water supply, water recycling, and water treatment projects. Learn More

watershed management

Watershed Management and Restoration

Stetson Engineers provides an array of watershed management and restoration services. Stetson’s staff of professional geologists, geomorphologists, engineers, and hydrologists has extensive experience throughout the western U.S with watershed-scale and site-scale geomorphic characterization and impact assessments. Learn More

expert witness litigation

Expert Witness and Litigation Support

Stetson Engineers’ expertise in water resources and water rights was established with the testimony of Mr. Thomas Stetson in the landmark case of Arizona v. California (decided by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1963), which determined water rights in the Colorado River basin, and resulted in the Practicably Irrigable Acreage (PIA) standard to quantify the amount of water Indian Tribes are entitled to under the Winter’s Doctrine. Learn More

GIS database services

GIS and Database Services

With combined experience totaling nearly 20 years, Stetson offers a wide range of GIS and database services. Our expertise in GIS helps our clients determine water rights, analyze groundwater storage capacity, calculate temporal changes in water use, assess roads and trails, document urban water management, and model development and land use. Learn More


Groundwater Resources

Groundwater resources engineering is a cornerstone of Stetson’s business since our inception in 1957. We have conducted over 100 groundwater supply and basin evaluations throughout the western United States for private, state, federal, and Tribal clients. Typically, our studies include field work, well drilling, testing, and analysis of all hydrogeologic datasets that define the occurrence and movement of groundwater. Learn More

irrigation engineering

Irrigation Engineering

Stetson’s agricultural engineers and soil scientists work with economists and agronomists to develop economically feasible irrigation projects. Our services include the design, evaluation, management, and construction of on-farm agricultural water application infrastructure, including: sprinkler, surface and drip systems, water storage, conveyance, and delivery systems. Stetson’s civil and agricultural engineers typically plan and design [...] Learn More

Inundation Mapping

Inundation Mapping

Stetson Engineers provides dam owners with inundation mapping and Emergency Action Plan (EAP) preparation services. These inundation maps are key for emergency responses and planning for multiple scenarios including dam failure or critical operational releases during flooding conditions, are required by law in California, and are consistent with FEMA P-946 Federal Guidelines. Learn More

water district support

Water District Support

Stetson has been providing District Support Services to our water and wastewater clients since our inception in 1957. Our services include a wide range of management, administrative, technical, and operations activities to best suit our clients’ needs. Our water and wastewater planning services specialize in the preparation of Urban Water Management Plans, Salt Nutrient Management Plans, Master Plans, Conservation Plans, [...] Learn More


Water Rights Consultation and Watermaster Services

Since its establishment in 1957, Stetson Engineers has grown into one of the most distinguished and recognized water rights consulting firms in California. We provide expert consultation on all aspects of water rights to federal, state, and local agencies; public and private clients; and Indian Tribes throughout the western United States. Specific water rights consulting services include quantification of surface and groundwater [...] Learn More