With combined experience totaling nearly 20 years, Stetson offers a wide range of geographic information systems (GIS) and database services. Our expertise in GIS helps our clients determine water rights, analyze groundwater storage capacity, calculate temporal changes in water use, assess roads and trails, document urban water management, and model development and land use. Along with these services, Stetson provides high-quality cartographic services and custom web mapping application development.

GIS-specific areas of expertise include overlay analysis, elevation analysis, aerial photo interpretation, model building, land use interpretation, parcel mapping, and geodatabase design and development. Whether full-scale design of a GIS system or large-scale cartographic production, Stetson helps clients achieve their needs through thorough consultation and a large breadth of understanding that can only come from many years of combined experience in water resources and GIS.

Database-specific areas of expertise include loading and manipulating relational databases in various formats including MS Access and MySQL. Stetson helps clients validate and make sense of their hydrologic data, from atmospheric precipitation through groundwater production and water quality.

Typical Services

  • Cartographic Services
  • Web Mapping Application Development
  • Raster Analysis
  • Light Detection and Ranging Analysis
  • Geodatabase Design and Implementation
  • Groundwater Storage Modeling
  • Water Rights Determination
  • Aerial Photo and Image Interpretation
  • Watershed Delineation
  • Precipitation and Runoff Analysis
  • Linear Referencing
  • Spatial Statistics

Since 1957, Stetson has provided innovative solutions to water resource issues.
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Stetson has created web interfaces to make browsing hydrological data a breeze, combining GIS, databases, and web programming.
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