Stetson performs hydraulic and civil engineering analysis to meet the flood and stormwater management needs of our clients. Whether on a watershed-wide or small residential development scale, Stetson applies our experience in hydrology and civil engineering to develop unique solutions that solve specific applications and requirements. Recent developments in stormwater control that required Low Impact Development Best Management Practices place Stetson in a unique position due to our understanding of hydrogeology and the occurrence and movement of groundwater.

Using the most advanced numerical and analytical tools, Stetson combines our knowledge of stormwater management and hydrology to design facilities and meet the goals of our clients’ projects. Stetson relies on a qualified staff of civil engineers and hydraulic experts to investigate, design, and implement plans and facilities to meet the goals of the job.


Since 1957, Stetson has provided innovative solutions to water resource issues.
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Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton
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