Stetson provides innovative and effective solutions to the challenges of reservoir, diversion, and river operations. Historically, reservoirs and diversions were built for single or multiple purposes, which typically included water supply, flood control, and/or hydropower generation. Today, these same facilities must also be operated for fish, wildlife, and recreation or to manage water quality, flow, and sediment in the rivers they regulate. As a result, operations have become complicated, and the need to evaluate and modify operations of existing facilities has become increasingly important.

Stetson brings extensive experience in applying a broad array of computer modeling and analysis techniques to evaluate and modify operations of existing reservoirs, diversions, and river systems as well as to plan new systems. Stetson routinely develops computer simulation models of hydrologic systems consisting of reservoirs, diversions, hydropower generation, and water supply delivery facilities. These models take into account the system’s physical and hydraulic characteristics and enable rapid and efficient evaluation of alternative operating rules and criteria governing reservoir levels and river flows. The models allow for formulation of solutions that balance the competing needs of water development and public resources that rely on reservoir levels and river flows.

Where appropriate, Stetson recommends building models using RiverWare™. RiverWare™ was specially developed and quality tested by the University of Colorado for application to reservoir, diversions, and river systems. RiverWare™ is user friendly and effective in collaborative settings because it can effectively communicate model information in a clear and understandable way. For over 15 years, Stetson has developed RiverWare™ model applications for river systems throughout the western United States.

Since 1957, Stetson has provided innovative solutions to water resource issues.
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