Irrigation facilities design for 31 separate proposed irrigation projects utilizing Central Arizona Project (CAP) exchange water. The irrigation facilities design and cost estimation included dams and reservoirs, river diversion pump stations, tunnels, pipelines, booster pump stations, canals and related structures.

San Carlos Apache CowAll of the relevant available data regarding groundwater pumping and surface water supplies in the basins was obtained and preparation of hydrologic budgets were used to determine the irrigated acreage using appropriate water shortages. Various estimates of natural recharge were developed based on commonly used methods in Arizona and recharge was estimated for each drainage and wash in the reservation wide study area. Surface water and ground water operation models were used along with crop water requirements to determine the size of the water delivery and storage facilities. All components of the hydrologic budget were included in the operation models. Several scenarios of historical and future water use development were simulated for use in estimation of the maximum irrigated acreage and irrigation facilities design and cost estimation.