Stetson leads the field in soil inventory, management, and reclamation due to our expert staff of soil scientists and civil and agricultural engineers. We have developed detailed soil data and analysis to support some of the largest lawsuits and general water rights adjudications in the western United States, including those that affect local, federal, and tribal water right claims. Stetson also specializes in supporting the farming, mining, and oil and gas industries to provide cost-effective solutions to solve complicated issues.

Stetson performs both detailed and reconnaissance-level soil surveys to guide resource planning activities that support water rights claims, salinity analysis, water efficiency determination, wetland classifications, and other purposes. Soil management services provided by Stetson include the evaluation of soil properties—as they affect practical management of the resource—so appropriate alternatives may be developed to solve each client’s issue. Based on the soil inventory and management techniques, Stetson then provides expert services in soil reclamation for improving and remediating disturbed areas where salinity, erosion, or contamination issues require innovative solutions.


Typical Services


  • Soil Surveys
  • Irrigation Suitability Land Classification
  • Wetland Delineation
  • Soil Salinity Assessment
  • Soil Chemical, Physical, and Microbiological Evaluations
  • Soil Erosion Measurement and Mitigation
  • Mined Land Evaluation and Permitting
  • Oil and Gas Production Sites—Monitoring and Assessments



  • Native Habitat Restoration Planning and Implementation
  • Water Quality Evaluations for Irrigation and Crop Production
  • Topsoil Characterization and Application
  • Leaching Evaluations for Irrigated Lands
  • Quantification of Salinity and Water Quality Effects on Crop Yields
  • Subsurface Drainage Evaluations for Irrigated Lands
  • Subsurface Contamination Assessment and Monitoring




Since 1957, Stetson has provided innovative solutions to water resource issues.
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